GYROTONIC® consists of multidimensional exercises that gently balances the body's strength and flexibility. Through circular movements and breathing patterns, the exercises stimulate the internal neuromuscular system and improve kinesthetic awareness. The results are improved alignment, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and a greater, more fluid range of motion.

GYROTONIC® was created in 1984 to rehabilitate dancers. Using fluid exercises and non-linear circular motion, GYROTONIC® strengthens the core. It follows the principles of yoga, utilizing the breath to strengthen and stretch muscles and improve circulation. This style of movement increases range of motion, strengthens the nervous system and improves spinal articulation and flexibility.

GYROTONIC® is used around the world by physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and hospital rehabilitation units. For more information please visit www.gyrotonic.com.


Fluid Fitness is dedicated to the joy of exercise. We believe that the more you enjoy your workouts, the more you will achieve. Workouts at Fluid Fitness use the GYROTONIC® equipment. GYROTONIC® consists of multidimensional exercises that strengthen the core and gently balance strength and flexibility. The system follows the principles of yoga, utilizing the breath to both strengthen and stretch muscles and improve circulation. GYROTONIC® exercises increase range of motion, stimulate the nervous system and improve spinal articulation and flexibility. Through circular non-linear movements and yoga-based breathing patterns, the exercises engage the internal neuromuscular system and improve kinesthetic awareness. The results are improved posture, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and a greater, more fluid range of motion.

Fluid Fitness workouts are custom designed to meet your personal needs and help you achieve your fitness goals. You will work one-on-one with a certified trainer who will give you undivided attention.



GYROTONIC® training helps dancers learn to use their bodies more efficiently, increase coordination and lessen imbalances from overuse. Personalized workouts target areas of weakness that can lead to injuries. When injured, GYROTONIC® speeds recovery and teaches the body how to prevent re-injury. Yogic breathing patterns, an integral part of the exercies, add fluidity to movements.



All sports enthusiasts benefit from GYROTONIC® training at Fluid Fitness. The system increases flexibility and range of motion that improves performance. GYROTONIC® clients play golf, tennis, hockey, baseball, participate in dressage, skeet shooting, and martial arts.

Fluid Fitness offers multiple exercises for every part of the golf and tennis swing. We have worked with golfers and tennis pros at every level including PGA professionals.

The benefits of Fluid Fitness training for golf and tennis include:

* Ability to swing faster
* Increase distance
* Improve your ball-striking ability
* Ability to control trajectory
* Better contact and directional control of the ball
* Limiting potential injury

Fluid Fitness training is also recommended for sports of agility such as dressage, martial arts, and dance, including:

* Increased hip and leg flexibility
* Healthier knees
* Toned muscles
* More strength and stamina
* Improved balance
* Greater mobility of the neck and shoulders
* Straighter posture
* Greater range of motion
* Strengthened and extended spiral rotation for dance and martial arts



Fluid Fitness offers mothers-to-be a unique perspective on pregnancy and GYROTONIC®. Several of our experienced trainers are also new mothers. They have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of GYROTONIC® pre-natal and post-partum and will guide you through the most beneficial exercises and stretches to meet your needs. We promise to make your experience fun and enjoyable.

GYROTONIC®, the ultimate exercise for the expectant mother, adapts to every stage of your pregnancy. Providing you have permission from your health care practitioner, the gentle movements and low-impact exercises will elongate overstressed muscles and ligaments, while strengthening the stomach and back muscles to help you before, during and after delivery. Regular exercise can help lower your stress levels, relieve some of the physical discomfort and increase your energy and stamina.



Fluid Fitness has a gentle and effective program designed for senior citizens. We focus on strengthening bones and well as improving posture and flexibility. Along with our GYROTONIC® work, we use seated chair exercises and multiple props to aid the fluidity of movement.

Our seniors rave about these benefits of GYROTONIC® training:

* Straighter posture
* Improved strength and stamina
* Increased concentration
* Relief from arthritis and stiff joints
* More restful sleep
* Improved circulation
* Greater sense of well being

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